Our Approach

Chef Bartholomaei's focus is taking traditional (Native American) cooking techniques and adapting them for contemporary palettes.

In her words, "It’s important to me that my menu reflect the traditional cookery of Native people. We (Native People), have a strong tradition of exchange – for culture or commerce. Hence, my liberal use of ingredients and techniques from other native communities and adapting them to here, my adopted home.

UNESCO recently awarded Tucson with the designation of being the only City of Gastronomy in the U.S.  This is due in large part to our longstanding traditional agricultural practices and our current integration of those foods and techniques into our modern cuisine.

In fact, it is documented that Tucson is the longest known continuously cultivated settlement in the country. The smoking process that I use involves local apple, citrus, mesquite, and pecan wood, a practice that has been in place in this region for generations."

Our Values in Action

Mother Hubbard's Cafe is committed to local sourcing whenever possible. Roughly 80% of the ingredients served on our current menu are from this region.  We have also partnered with  local nonprofits that offer culinary training programs to disenfranchised, underserved, and low-income populations and preferentially hire graduates from these classes.